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Quick facts

  • Time Zone: GMT +3 (+4h Summer Time)
  • Country Dialing Code: +7 (or 007)
  • Area Code: 495 and 499 (the last one must be dialed even for local calls)
  • Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz, two pin thin European plugs
  • Average January Temperature: -9°C / 16°F
  • Average July Temperature: 18°C / 64°F


Russian, the official language, can be difficult to read as it is written in Cyrillic script. It is, however, worth taking a bit of time to learn the letters as it will make any time spent in Russia much easier. For example, the indecipherable PECTOPAH can be transliterated into RESTORAN, giving a much better indication that this is a place to get a meal. English is not common in Moscow; it is usually only spoken by those in business, in the tourist trade and young people.

Your Phrases

  • Yes - Da
  • No - Nyet
  • Hello - Zdrástvuitye
  • Goodbye - Do svidanya
  • Please - Pazhalusta
  • Thank you - Spasíba
  • My name is … - Minya zavoot …
  • How are you? - Kak vi pazhivayetye? Kak dela?
  • I’m very well - U minya vsyo kharasho
  • I feel ill - Ya zabolyel (male) / ya zabolela (female)
  • I need .. – Mne nuzhen ..
  • How much does it cost? - Skolka stoyit?
  • Do you speak English? - Gavaritye pa anglisski?
  • I don’t understand - Ya ne panimayu
  • Where is …? - Gdye …?
  • Doctor- Vrach
  • Hotel - Gastínitsa

Moscow Attractions

Moscow is a passionate business city full of original sights, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Kremlin, Red Square, Tretyakov Gallery and many more are on hand from our hotel. Enjoy the following list that we made with pleasure for you to have although a short look at some of them.

Shopping Area

GUM (Main Department Store), Red Square, 3

Built at the early 19th Century the complex is proud of its elegantly-decorated interior, comprising of three parallel arcades with central fountain and roofed by a splendid glass ceiling.
Looking more like a palace than a shopping centre, GUM offers you designer shopping and cozy cafes onsite.

TSUM (Central Universal Store), Petrovka str., 2

One of the largest department stores in Russia. TsUM has upgraded itself into an expensive store with collections of nearly all the top European designers.
The store located next to the Bolshoy Theatre and has more than 100 years history.

Okhotny Ryad Shopping Mall, Manezhnaya Square, 1

The Shopping Center “Okhotny Ryad” is situated in the very heart of Moscow in immediate proximity to Red Square, Alexandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden), Teatralnaya Sqaure and Tverskaya Street. Three underground levels of the Center contain more than 100 shops, restaurants, cafes, bank branches and exchange offices, travel agencies, cash dispensers and pay phones. Unique interiors, wide range and convenient location attract huge crowds of tourists and Muscovites. 

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Moscow Nightlife

As you might expect in a city of over 12 million people Moscow has an amazing array of nightlife options and a scene for everyone – from jazz-lovers to hardcore clubbers, there is a wide range of night clubs, discos, bars... Enjoy all sites of Russian capital - Moscow never sleeps!

Weather in Moscow

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